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2013 Buisson-Charles Chassagne-Montrachet En Remilly, 1er Burgundy White BH91h 750 ml 10 $68.50
A subtle touch of wood serves as an all but neutral backdrop for the cool, pure and ultra-fresh nose that is composed primarily by notes of lemon peel, floral and white orchard fruit scents. There is first-rate intensity to the overtly mineral-inflected medium weight flavors that deliver fine depth and outstanding length on the bone dry finale. This will need a few years of bottle age to unwind as it's presently extremely tight. AM
2013 Buisson-Charles Chassagne-Montrachet La Romanee Burgundy White BH92h 750 ml 4 $82.50
There is a very mild hint of the exotic to the ripe nose that offers an interesting contrast between the dried yellow fruit, petrol and citrus-suffused aromas that are trimmed in just enough wood to notice. There is a lovely sense of underlying tension to the impressively concentrated yet precise middle weight flavors that deliver even better length on the sappy and palate coating finish. This too will need a few years of cellaring before it will be completely ready for prime time enjoyment. AM
2013 Buisson-Charles Meursault Boucher Cheres, 1er Burgundy White BH93h 750 ml 3 $95.00
This is always one of the domaine's best wines and so it is again in 2013 with its smoky, cool and gorgeously elegant nose that is comprised by notes of tea, citrus, lilac and several different citrus nuances. There is sublime subtlety to the detailed, lilting and harmonious middle weight flavors where a discreet minerality adds interest to the understated and beautifully long finish. This beauty could aptly be described as Zen-like. AM
2013 Buisson-Charles Meursault Les Charmes, 1er Burgundy White BH92h 750 ml 3 $90.00
This is ever-so-slightly riper yet it remains every bit as pure with its acacia blossom, white fruit compote and soft spice scents, all of which are trimmed in a hint of wood toast. There is outstanding volume to the seductively textured, intense and palate coating flavors where the lively finish benefits from the lift added by the lemon, saline and mineral hints. AM
2013 Buisson-Charles Meursault Les Cras, 1er Burgundy White BH91h 750 ml 8 $120.00
A very pretty and attractively layered nose offers up notes of green fruit, citrus, petrol and toasted almond. There is very good richness to the fleshy and generous medium weight flavors that also possess a healthy minerality that helps to add lift to the vibrant, delicious, agreeably dry and saline finish. This isn't quite as tight as several of the wines in the range and should drink well a few years earlier. AM
2012 Buisson-Charles Meursault VV Burgundy White BH88h 750 ml 7 $50.00
A beautifully fresh, cool and bright nose features aromas of white flowers, pear, apple, tea and toasted almond. There is both fine intensity and excellent richness to the delicious flavors where the old vines are very much in evidence thanks to the abundant dry extract. This tension-filled effort will need a few years to better develop the underlying depth but the material seems more than sufficient to allow this to occur. Recommended if you have the patience to wait a few years. AM
2013 Buisson-Charles Puligny-Montrachet Les Caillerets, 1er Burgundy White BH92h 750 ml 12 $95.00
Here too there is a hint of the exotic with notes of ginger, spiced tea, honeysuckle and citrus rind. There is fine richness and volume to the solidly well-concentrated and sappy medium-bodied flavors that also evidence plenty of minerality on the impressively complex and lingering finish. This isn't quite as dense as the La Roman?e but the mouth feel is finer; a qualitative choice. AM
2004 Capitain Gagnerot Corton Charlemagne Burgundy White 750 ml 2 $49.00
2015 Coche-Dury Meursault Burgundy White 750 ml 1 $649.00
2010 Domaine Chandon de Briailles Corton Blanc Burgundy White 750 ml 1 $110.00
2002 Fevre Chablis les Preuses Burgundy White RP93 750 ml 4 $70.00
Produced from a 2.55 hectare parcel (6.3 acres), the magnificent 2002 Chablis Les Preuses (domaine) has a complex nose of smoky slate and spices. Medium-bodied, deep, rich, and satin-textured, it reveals an inspiring character of outstanding depth, concentration, focus, and length. Loads of creamy seashells are intermingled with flint and pears in its detailed yet powerful core. Projected maturity: 2005-2014.
2014 Girardin Corton-Charlemagne Burgundy White 750 ml 2 $149.00
2013 Morey-Coffinet Batard-Montrachet, GC Burgundy White BH94 750 ml 6 $275.00
Here too the exceptionally fresh nose speaks of honeysuckle though the fruit profile changes to ripe peach and apricot along with discreet citrus nuances. There is a highly appealing sense of energy to the terrifically intense and overtly powerful big-bodied flavors that possess fine mid-palate concentration before terminating in a cool, focused and admirably long finish. This is beautifully balanced and should amply reward extended cellaring. AM
2013 Morey-Coffinet Bourgogne Chardonnay Burgundy White BH86 750 ml 6 $40.00
A mild hint of the exotic is present on the expressive nose that consists of petrol, white orchard fruit and hints of orange peel. The delicious and attractively vibrant flavors possess a beguiling mouth feel before terminating in a fleshy and lightly saline-inflected finale that delivers acceptable depth and length. AM
2013 Morey-Coffinet Chassagne-Montrachet Blanchot, 1er Burgundy White BH92h 750 ml 12 $120.00
Here too a subtle touch of wood sets off the more floral-inflected nose that includes notes of pear, apple and white peach. The powerful, focused and still very tight broad-shouldered flavors exude plenty of minerality while coating the palate with abundant dry extract on the wonderfully long, balanced and intense finish. Unlike the Dents de Chien this is not likely to be an attractive early drinker so patience will be required. AM
2013 Morey-Coffinet Chassagne-Montrachet Caillerets, 1er Burgundy White BH91h 750 ml 6 $90.00
A more elegant and complex nose is composed of cool but ripe white and yellow fruit aromas that are nuanced by floral and spice hints. The generously proportioned yet reasonably well-detailed middle weight flavors possess a really lovely mouth feel that continues onto the saline, clean and markedly dry but only mildly austere finish. This is beautifully well-balanced and should reward 6 to 8 years of cellar time yet be approachable early on. AM
2013 Morey-Coffinet Chassagne-Montrachet Houllieres Burgundy White BH89h 750 ml 6 $70.00
Here the profile of the aromas is quite different with its notes of petrol and dried yellow fruit scents. The delicious and appealingly punchy medium weight flavors that possess fine mid-palate density, all wrapped in a clean, clean and saline suffused finale. This is a very fine Chassagne villages and worth a look. AM
2013 Morey-Coffinet Chassagne-Montrachet La Romanee, 1er Burgundy White BH91h 750 ml 6 $90.00
This is restrained to the point of being all but mute and it requires considerable swirling to coax whispers of citrus, yellow orchard fruit and exotic tea nuances to reveal themselves. By contrast there is nothing discreet about the wonderfully intense, delineated and powerful flavors that possess a really lovely sense of harmony on the balanced and lingering finish. In contrast to the Cailleret this will definitely need a few years of cellar time first. AM
2013 Morey-Coffinet Chassagne-Montrachet Les Dents de Chein, 1er Burgundy White BH92h 750 ml 4 $120.00
A subtle but not invisible application of wood frames ultra-fresh aromas of peach, white flowers, pear and a hint of wet stone. The lush and notably full-bodied flavors are underpinned by a firm acid spine that allows the mouth coating and impressively persistent finale to keep its focus and balance. I very much like the depth and while this should reward up to a decade of cellaring it should also be approachable young too. AM
2013 Morey-Coffinet Chassagne-Montrachet Morgeot Fairendes, 1er Burgundy White BH90 750 ml 6 $95.00
Very mild reduction is sufficient to shave the top notes from the otherwise fresh and pretty aromas of petrol, pear, white peach and soft wood nuances. There is fine volume to the big-bodied yet refined flavors that culminate in a tautly muscular, delicious and fleshy finale. Note that while this should reward 5 to 7 years of cellaring it will be approachable young if desired. AM
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